Friday, September 4, 2009

Violet Romance

I flush my dreams here today

blood trickling down the pipelines

as the memories
try to cage my throat

this evening offers me nothing

but only cigarettes
and the very soft perfume of marijuana

I watch the wet photo burning slowly
upon the marble floor

do I need to remember you anymore?

or those days
of masked emotions
and haunting midnight messages
that echoed through my cellphone?

and the many days
that I spent
struggling to write a line for you?

for this hour poisons me
with pain
and a very strange longing
for the sudden strike of death

I look at the ugly mirror
and observe those red eyes,
hiding a tear in every turn

the blind lips
hunt the pretty woman
for a kiss no more

and the fierce sweat
boils on my skin
waiting for the martyr

I let the canvas of
romance and violet rhymes
erode out of this mind

I let the lights
morph into darkness too soon

as the room disillusions
slowly into void

and so do I

the prophets are busy now
framing an obituary

The city is happy again

and so
are the restless poets of the dark…


  1. This poem is a masterpiece in the world of dark poems....i wont call it dark entirely cuz it speaks of d thirst n d pain dt is felt wen sum1z ladylove betrays him n movez out...the grief is felt only by d poet bt d surroundings r yet d same happy onez, dat pierces d memories 2 d core n datz wat is expressed beautifully here.....