Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dreams in Flames

a very urban afternoon

my dreams,
yet again,
go up in flames

and let loose
those ugly earthworms
upon the marble floor

are the heroines
of the midnight drama

they slowly undress
before my eyes

and disappear
in the radioactive touch
of the sun

the superhero is lost

and so is lost
the fictional
lady in red

it is only her voice
that I remember now

the streets are again breathing

with rallies,

murders in the unknown alleys,

fake political promises,

chasing policemen,

busy drug addicts

sweating jobless artists

and hungry beggars
in the footpath

they don’t excite me anymore

so please,
let me be silent now
for a while

as I look up

and think
of a poem

that can earn
this ailing poet

some money
for this month.

my silence speaking of only
romance and crime…

1 comment:

  1. I donno if I should really be commenting but reading this poem took me somewhere down the memory lane of my life....good to see that you didn't stop writing...God bless !!