Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dark Love

The poet steps
into the mansion
of slain dreams

a blank notebook
in his hand

a vagabond

vying for words
and poems…

the goddess of dark love
has invited him
for dinner tonight

his vision travels
through the dead lights

his secrets shaken

and oblivious,
he loses his way

and so , he finds her
hours later

in the arsenal
of miracles and dark magic

tracing the humid song
of the gramophone

as the lotus
through the eddies of darkness

and morphs into
a lady of strange appeal

who sits there
sipping the wine
of black lust and lonely shadows

her lips
smudged with auburn blood

serpents worshipping her eyebrows

her hair
crucified with the skulls
of forgotten lovers

as the solemn candlelight
surrender to those eyes


the wind is soporific

hypnotizing the poet
with its cold whispers

as he stands there


a murdered rose
bleeds on the table

her womb
cursed with

offered by the white rivers
of artists and clowns

she wants to bury them
in the red chest
that lies on her table


before she serves the dinner
for him

with the kiss of death


  1. u r too awesome dude !! wow !!

    ps: i deleted my account from fb .. u can catch me on my blog "my world in words" :)

  2. Great dark images in here Sourik.It's scary,vulgar and still it deals with love!Like the color of seduction.....

    C my comment on ur last poem too.N c my blog.....

    Sorry.... I have even busy with this college stuff too.

  3. @pratibha: Thanks a lot for your precious comment!!! :) :)
    @deeptesh: Thanks a lot , my friend , for your comment!!! I commented on your last check it out! :) :)

  4. It's awesome, Sourik! This poems evokes emotions both of sadness and joy. The imageries that you have chosen are very different and leave a subtle impression on one's senses. Liked these lines that transport the reader to the world of mysterious fables:

    :The wind is soporific
    hypnotizing the poet
    with its cold whispers

    as he stands there


    Best regards,