Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alternate Reality Song 2 - Rulers of Time

Ashes and photographs

In broken hands

Wild opera in the ears

Kisses fracture into sands

Bullets everywhere

Valentines no more

Unfinished cries, curses

Death knocks on the door


Rulers of time

Rulers of change

Spread love, not war

Don’t look estranged

Rulers of dawn

Rulers of dreams

Spread music, not pain

Heal memories and screams

Corpses and roses

Sleep in their arms

Their babies, they die

In the crowd of firearms

Home in the graveyards

Tears in their eyes

They kiss the cold skin

And bury them in the sties



--Needles of reflection

--Chronic vengeance

--Bubbles of murder

--A wounded sentence

--Flesh, blood

--Epitaphs in black

--Letters in red

--Another body in the sack

--Lights, Camera

--Language of lust

--Question and answer

--Hope and trust

--Politics and cinema


--Weak or poor

--Just push and force

--News and papers

--Revolts and songs

--Who are you to decide

--The rights and wrongs?--


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