Thursday, June 2, 2011

Travellers of Time - The Break-Up Song

When the city breathes beneath your palms

on glass doors

When the evening drops its coat

revealing its dark clothes

And you dream in a painter’s cage

with a song in your mind

And you paint in a poet’s diary

with a brush and rewind

When your memories wander on glass

looking for home

When you excrete pain in smoke

walking down the streets alone

And you drink in a madman’s story

with salt water on your face

And you break bottles in a drunkard’s mansion

with fresh blood on your dress

When your finger and cigarettes burn

in smoking rooms

When you smother your life with alcohol

and only death looms

And you make love like a pervert

with money in your pocket

And you write ballads like a madman

looking for your past in her locket.

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