Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Somewhere The Artist Still Remembers...

from the dark celluloid of my mind
fell a dream
and slept
on the sinful pages of reality

(the artist watched from a distance)

as the blue skyline
changed before my eyes

and the evening crawled in
through the broken spine
of April

I found you ,

girl of scent , sweat and romance

as answers echoed
through the distant hue

revealing a faint figure…

in a robe of red miracle and prophecies

I recall as I write

when I found…

my poems
dancing on your skin
beneath the spotlight
of a thousand moons and stars

and a folklore
of mystic tales of love and romance
buried in your palms

my strange lust
nibbled on your flesh
like demons in the obscure wind

the sulfur streets
of crystal jazz and neon
sank deeper beneath your tresses

and the corrupted night
into eyes

of your unfolded dreams
hanging from
the hypnotized sky

somewhere in his antique memory
of portraits and time

the artist still remembers
the forged music in your voice

as his tongue
moved like a razorblade

licking your wet body
veiling a fragile universe
of cocoa and heroin

and painting a landscape
of his novels on your breast

he still remembers…

your nails
undressing his wounds

as his kiss went up in flames
on your lips…

tempting the purple bitch
riding a warcraft
of hunger and sorrow
in your veins…

(P.S.: This poem is dedicated to the evening the poet spent with his ladylove for the first time. This poem is a tribute to that enigmatic evening...)


  1. Very nice imageries here Sourik!Some punch lines are truly remarkable and work well poetically! What I found odd was the way you juxtaposed the concepts of platonic love on one hand where the poet is thrilled to be with his beloved and even worships her with profanity and on the other hand there is a coarse resonance of lust and soft hunger of manliness.Perhaps u could explain this here.

  2. I really like the turn of phrase you used in the poem:)

  3. i love dis poem especially beacause i knw d story n feeling behind evry wrd in dis poem.....the way the ambiance is mentioned is remarkable...i lyk it because the poet doesnt hesitates to spk abt his long lost dreams n hw he loses his dreams to lust fr a moment.....yet he soon gets bk to reality wen he luks into the eyes of his ladylove as he gets completely mesmerised by her beauty and d lovely evening of april whr d stars were the distant audience.....dis is a masterpiece according to me......grt job sourik !!!!!!!!

  4. Oh! great this is nice, I am happy to say that i am the 'artist' over in this poem, as you have always referred to me. :P This is a nice one, all of moods and imagery. Nice sexuality portraited too.

  5. ahaaa! aar aamar oii chhobi ta aaro bhalo laglo jano! Sotyi darun hoyechhe!

  6. You know, there are a lot of times that one can't get thru' somethings... its gets frustrating, but the key is to keep on going on...the end is always good... or even when we think its bad...there's somehting really good in it.. I'm sure u'll get thru! Don't worry :)

  7. sourik,I'm going out for a trip for more than two weeks.So I'll stay offline.Stay well.

  8. Sourik,

    After reading the note at the bottom I understood why the poem was like that. Well, it sounded like you had a truly memorable experience.


  9. Could have done without the "P.S.," but "a fragile universe / of cocoa and heroin" is very cool.

  10. nice work. It juz reminds me of Inam's works. Even deeptesh has the same pattern...

  11. hmm...

    "from the dark celluloid of my mind
    fell a dream
    and slept
    on the sinful pages of reality

    (the artist watched from a distance)"

    is it possible for the artist to be distanced from his field of epiphany and ecstasy???

    an unexplained paradox!

  12. @deeptesh
    thanks a lot brother for your precious comments...yes, i did juxtapose platonic love with a bit of lust and sexuality in this poem because the verses in this signify more the enigma and sensuality associated with that evening rather than my imaginations...Thanks for your comments and have a good trip!!!

    Thanks a lot for your comments

    Thanks a lot brother for your precious comments...but i am doubtful if the 'artist' here is referred to you :) :)

    pretty lady , i am not going to thank you for this...because i think you owed this to me...

    Thanks a lot for your comment...tumi shotti khub bhalo... thanks for encouraging exam khub bhalo geche..asha korchhi peye jabo...please wish me luck!!!

    Thanks a lot for your comments , my friend...Yeah, that evening is truly very significant for me...

    I would like to thank you profusely for your comments...i don't know if the P.S. was needed at all or not...but it's good to hear that you liked the poem...atleast , that satisfies this humble poet...

    Thanks a lot for your honest and precious comments...inamda and deeptesh are very very talented poets with a lot of depth and imaginations immortalising their's truly encouraging for this humble poet when he hears that his work reminds you of their creations...
    Thanks a lot...i am honoured!!! :) :)

    I would like to thank you profusely for your precious comments...i was eagerly waiting for them...