Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Walk Through The War Zone

we walk in slow
through the narrow streets
and the mystic alleys

hand in hand

the women stand,
with burned babies
in their arms

looking out
with electrocuted eyes
from behind the dark panes
hiding a few more scarred lives

the camera flashes
and we watch quietly
as their lips
slowly melt into
blood with crimson desires

peace has not visited this city
for many years now…

we walk
as the street lights


into mommies
of stone


their dark shadow
leaving a mark of the curse

the curse of a war
long won by the devils

on the castrated grass
bearing skeletons of bullets and mines
in their ugly geometry

the coffins
have long been buried

the trees
have long disillusioned
into the dark smoke
that veils the sun
in the sky now,

as the clouds
with only acid rain
to offer

the church lies vacant
with the crucified figure

tears of dust
in His eyes

we walk in slow

a tune
slowly breathes
its presence
on the wind

as the zombies
rise through the naked orifice
of the death lake

sculpting the
prayers of vengeance
on the strings
of a faded guitar

1 comment:

  1. Some of your best imageries are in here....the unfurling of terror scene by scene as the reader walks slowly along the city of horror.The social horror has been truly and wonderfully portrayed in here!